Code & Smart Contracts
Angle open-sourced codebase

Open-sourcing code

One of the core aspect of decentralization is having open codebase that everyone can see and verify. This is why we are releasing most of Angle's codebase publicly, and open-sourcing some of its repositories.

Solidity Contracts & Interfaces

Even though the deployed contracts are public by nature, we felt normal to follow in other projects footsteps and make the code repositories public. Note that this is the core repository at the time of launch, and is being actively maintained or worked on.
A deeper dive into the contracts code is available in the developers documentation at developers.angle.money.


The Angle Protocol is composed of a set of diverse smart contracts that can be complicated to interpret or fetch information from.
To help people build applications on top of the protocol and its set of smart contracts detailed in the repository shared above, we are releasing the SDK (Software Development Kit) used in app.angle.money under the GLP-3.0 open-source license.
We hope this will empower people to build new types of applications and user interfaces we haven't thought about to interact with the protocol.

Contribution Guidelines

This is only the beginning of the Angle protocol and codebase, and anyone is welcome to improve it. There are no clear guidelines on the process of helping with contributions for now. Feel free to reach out in the #developers channel of our Discord Server if you want to talk about this further!