Angle Guardian
The Guardian to take rapid decisions in a crisis


    At protocol launch, it might be necessary to rapidly pause some functionalities, to change some parameters or references in the protocol.
    Angle Core Team and involved stakeholders will control an address in a multi-sig that has the rights to perform such changes.

๐Ÿ’ก Need for a Guardian

The Angle Guardian is an address being granted the Guardian role in the contracts at deployment. The governor addresses of Angle Protocol, controlled by the DAO will also have this role.
This guardian address will be held by Angle Core Team in a multi-sig. The idea is that this address will be able to renounce the role or to transition to a community held multi-sig several months after launch.
If a guardian address is needed, it is because there could be issues in the protocol which are time sensitive. In case there is a flaw in one of the contracts where an attacker can systematically make a profit, we should be able to pause the necessary parts of the contract without having to wait for the minimum window between a proposal coming from the DAO and its execution.
The guardian can pause functionalities. It also has the ability to change the fee parameters for some contracts.
The Governor can revoke the Guardian ability at any time

๐Ÿ”˜ Responsibilities

In clear terms, the guardian can:
    Pause and unpause some contracts functionalities
    Update rapidly some parameters like users minting and burning fees, or the debt ratio for a lending strategy
Everything has been designed to limit a guardian's ability to impact the protocol in a way that is harmful to the system. For instance, a guardian cannot modify references to an oracle contract and hence manipulate prices at its advantage.
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