Angle Analytics
List of different analytics sources about Angle
Angle has a dedicated analytics providing users with the most important information about the protocol. Additionally, community members have built useful Dune dashboards to see specific aspects.

Angle Protocol Analytics

Angle analytics is available at analytics.angle.money. General data about the protocol, specific information about governance, smart contract modules, and the different stablecoins can be found there.

Angle community Dune dashboards

Amazing community members have also built dedicated Dune dashboards about Angle! You can find complementary information about what is going on in the protocol. However, note that some data might be inaccurate or outdated, and you should always make sure to double-check the information.
Here are the dashboards created by the community:
  • Angle Dashboard from SebVentures, with general information about the protocol.
  • veANGLE from tuta, with specific information about veANGLE.
  • Angle Gauges Votes from tuta, with specific information about votes on Angle gauges and ANGLE distribution.
  • Angle Knowledge NFT from OxRoll, with data about the NFT distributed to users that completed the Angle Knowledge quizz.
If you think about more data that would be useful to display about Angle or are planning to build a dashboard about the protocol, feel free to reach out in our Discord!