Angle Analytics

List of different analytics sources about Angle
Angle is a decentralized protocol that exists purely onchain: all the reserves controlled by the protocol are transparent and can be monitored in real-time.
A lot of resources have been built to help people easily understand and track what’s going on in the protocol.

Angle User-Friendly Analytics

We at Angle Labs, Inc. have developed a user-friendly analytics available at to track in real-time the health and status of the system. General data about the protocol, its balance sheet, specific information about governance, smart contract modules, and the different stablecoins can be found there.

Angle Smart Contract Addresses

Angle works as a set of smart contracts, and the best way to track the state of the protocol for advanced users is to look directly in these smart contracts on Etherscan. All Angle-related smart contract addresses can be found in our developers documentation.

Angle Integrations

Angle related products are integrated in multiple places in DeFi. A non-exhaustive list of Angle integrations can be found here.
If you think about more data that would be useful to display about Angle or are planning to build a dashboard about the protocol, feel free to reach out in our Discord!

Angle Community Dune Dashboards

Some community members have built dedicated Dune dashboards about Angle where you can find complementary information about what is going on in the protocol.
If you build an Angle dashboard yourself, drop a message on Discord and we will list it here.