Angle Protocol Guides
This section contains all guides to interact with the Angle Protocol.
You will notably find some general user guides to onboard you to DeFi and to Angle first stablecoin (agEUR):
The Angle Protocol is currently available to anyone on the Ethereum mainnet. To make it simpler to interact with the protocol different modules, we have designed two different apps hosted on IPFS:
  • the Core App, available at app.angle.money: to mint and burn stablecoins, open perpetuals, get yield by depositing collateral
  • the Dao App, available at dao.angle.money: to lock ANGLE tokens, vote for gauge weights, or simply stake your Angle associated tokens to get yield
This sections contains user guides for all of these apps:
The apps presented in our guides have been developed by the Angle Core Team. Anyone is welcome to build its app on top of Angle. We will make sure to promote and list any serious front interface of the protocol.
These apps can also be used in test mode on Rinkeby. We have written a guide for this:
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