App Guides - Protocol features
Angle App - User guides for protocol interactions
This section contains guides to interact through app.angle.money with the main features of the different modules of the Angle protocol.
In particular, you will learn how to play with the app and more particularly to:
  • Buy and sell agEUR
  • Open, modify, and close a perpetual position
  • Deposit collateral into the protocol to get yield in the form of sanTokens
  • Borrow stablecoins from the Borrowing module
  • Get leverage through the Borrowing module

UI tour

The new Angle App contains all the features related to the protocol in one place. All the necessary pages can be accessed from the sidebar on the left. It contains three main sections: agTokens, Protocol, and ANGLE. External partners can also be found in the More section, and everything you need to know about the protocol is under Info at the bottom.


Under the Swap tab, users can buy or sell agEUR from multiple tokens.
In the Borrow / leverage one, they can deposit collateral to be allowed to borrow agEUR on top of their deposit. They can also use this mechanism to get leverage on the token they deposited directly within the Angle app in one transaction.


In the protocol section, Anglers can deposit tokens to earn yield, and trade perpetuals on forex or crypto.


Everything related to ANGLE & veANGLE can be found in the ANGLE section.
Users can lock ANGLE to get veANGLE, vote on rewards distribution (gauge tab), stake their funds to earn ANGLE tokens, and buy ANGLE with any tokens directly from the same UI!
The governance-related guides can be found in the Governance guides.
New app UI