agEUR as a treasury asset
Using agEUR as a treasury asset for your DAO or company
As described in this guide, agEUR can be used by companies and DAOs to pay their contributors. Here, we show how they can benefit from using agEUR as a treasury asset.
Angle’s agEUR can also be used by companies and DAOs as a treasury asset to diversify holdings and earn yield on top of EUR.
Most DAOs or companies with crypto treasuries hold a mix of BTC, ETH, and USD stablecoins. With agEUR, they have a way to diversify those reserves into one of the biggest fiat currency, through a decentralized stablecoin that has deep on-chain liquidity and is integrated with the best DeFi protocols.
Holding agEUR in a treasury allows to:
  • Diversify holdings
  • Earn yield on EUR
  • Keep enough capital to pay your European contributors, while avoiding negative bank interest on it
agEUR is a supported asset on Gnosis Safe and the Angle App integrates with Gnosis as well.

Getting agEUR in your treasury

agEUR can be minted directly from Angle at app.angle.money, or bought from a DEX, a DEX aggregator, or from one of our on-ramp partners. If you are looking to buy an important amount of agEUR, the best place would be directly on Angle where there is no slippage.
You can find more details in the Get agEUR page of this documentation.

Earning yield on your agEUR

Once you hold agEUR, there are multiple ways to earn yield on top of it.

Deposit on Euler

Euler is a lending market with a well researched risk framework and improved liquidations.
Yield for agEUR deposits on Euler is currently ranging between 2% and 3%. Tokens can just be deposited on app.euler.finance, and they will immediately start earning interest.

Deposit on Curve and stake on Convex

Another option is to deposit agEUR in the Curve 3EUR pool (agEUR+EURs+EURt), and then deposit the Curve LP tokens on Convex for CVX and CRV rewards.
This opportunity usually generates higher yield but it is reserved for more advanced users.

Other yield opportunities

Aave on Polygon

agEUR is also available on Polygon, where it can be deposited on Aave lending market to earn yield.

LP on incentivized agEUR/token pools

Some agEUR pools are incentivized with ANGLE token rewards and can yield interesting APRs, like agEUR/ETH at 30%, or agEUR/USDC at ~10%.
More generally, all ANGLE-related yield opportunities can be accessed through the App Earn page.

Paying contributor with agEUR

Companies with agEUR in their treasury can also pay very easily their contributors in a transparent and compliant way. In just two on-chain transactions, their contributors can receive EUR in their bank account.
All the steps are detailed on this guide.