💰Use Angle Savings products

How to get into Angle Savings products using the Angle app

Angle offers savings solutions enabling anyone to stake their stablecoins to earn a native yield paid in stablecoin units.

In this guide, we explain how you can use the Angle app to start being exposed to this yiel for a given stablecoin.

Swapping or Staking

While Angle staked assets can only be minted by staking (without slippage) the underlying stablecoin in a contract, the Angle app enables getting these tokens from any token.

What happens under the hood is that the app page integrates Odos routing technology to make the trades from any token to Angle staked assets efficient.

Typically for EURA, when coming with EURA, the app modal remains the same (and displays slippage elements) even though this is not relevant for EURA<->stEUR trades. So you can disregard this information in the case where your input token is EURA.

Note that the exchange rate between EURA and stEUR:

  • is not 1 to 1 and increases over time. So it's normal if the app shows less than 1 stEUR for EURA provided

  • depends on the chain on which you're doing the trade. The value of stEUR is not uniform across all chains.

If you want more details on how Odos swaps work within the context of Angle app, check out this guide about getting EURA.


Like for the staking part, the app enables, using Odos technology, unstaking Angle staked assets to the stablecoin and in the same transaction swapping it to any token of your choice.

As there is no lock-up on Angle savings contracts, unstaking can be done at any time and without any prior notice without giving away any of the yield accumulated.

Estimating potential earnings

The app provides some additional info to all stablecoin stakers. For instance, if you want to estimate how you could be earning from an amount of EURA staked or from any token swapped to stEUR, just input this amount, and the app will show you how it's going to impact your yearly earnings.

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