💱Buy Angle stablecoins

How to get Angle stablecoins using the Angle app

Angle stablecoins can be bought from the swap and buy page of the Angle app. This page leaves two main possibilities:

  • swap: that is to say buy or sell through an onchain transaction

  • on-ramp/off-ramp: that is to say buy or sell with a credit card or a bank transfer


The app uses Odos (which integrates the native mint & burn mechanism of Angle stablecoins on Ethereum) to provide the best rates to buy or sell Angle stablecoins from an onchain transaction.

Buying onchain

Here are the steps to buy onchain:

  1. Go to the Swap page of the app.

  2. Select the Swap toggle

  3. Select network on which you want to get the stablecoin.

  4. Select the token you want to buy (an Angle stablecoin or ANGLE tokens)

  5. Select the token you want to buy the stablecoin (or ANGLE) with. You can also copy any token's address you like.

  6. Enter the amounts you want.

  7. The app integrates Odos and will automatically fetch the best rates for you in the background.

  8. Approve your tokens. More precisely, to interact with Angle (and any other DeFi protocol), you need to approve (this is a transaction which costs ETH) or give permissions (signature) for the tokens you want to spend. This depends on the tokens used and not on the protocol.

  9. Once the permission has been signed or the approval transaction has been executed, you can confirm the transaction to buy the stablecoin.

You can refresh the rates by clicking on the circled arrow on the top right of the inputs.

Selling onchain

Selling an Angle stablecoin through the Swap page works exactly in the opposite way. Click on the arrow between the two inputs to put the stablecoin (e.g EURA) as From token. You can then select the token you want to swap the stablecoin for, enter an amount and confirm your transaction.

On-ramp / Off-ramp

Angle stablecoins are supported by a wide range of on-ramp and off-ramp providers which make it accessible from a simple credit card payment or bank transfer. All of these are listed in the Buy toggle of the swap and buy page.

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