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How to get the tokens to interact with Angle on Rinkeby

Testnet Users

To use the protocol in testnet, you need to connect to the Rinkeby network.
Metamask Rinkeby
On Angle testnet, you will need ETH to pay for gas, and wETH, wBTC, USDC or DAI to use the app. We built a faucet at app.angle.money/#/faucet so you can receive these tokens quickly!
Here are the steps to follow:
    Post a tweet mentionning @AngleProtocol and containing your Ethereum address.
    Go to app.angle.money/#/faucet, paste the link of your tweet, and click on Get Tokens.
    After a few minutes, you should receive some ETH, wETH, wBTC, USDC, and DAI.
You should now be all set up to start testing Angle on app.angle.money! In the following pages, we explain how to interact with the protocol.
In case our faucet is down, you can also follow this guide.
Last modified 11d ago
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